Thursday, June 16, 2005

Rm. Yohannes vs Brad Pitt

Last week my aunt and my cousins kept pushing me to attend the adoration lead by Rm Yohannes. Rm Yohannes is a famous figure of Catholic Charismatic church in Indonesia. When I was in my early year at uni, I was pushed to believe, and regularly went to Tumpang (kind of sacred place nearby Malang). I was still so young and weak and too afraid to say no. It was long long time ago. I still believe in GOD. Of course I praise him for blessing me whole of my life, but my way is just already different than how I used to be. I may not a good Catholic, but I believe GOD in my own way.

Unfortunately those fanatics people couldn't just let me be this way. That's why they kept urging me to join them. I've tried to explain them softly, failed. I did decline strongly, failed. So at last i have no choice than RUN AWAY. *grin*

The adoration was held last night. I told my aunt and my cousin that I had lots of works in the office. That I had to work overtime. Great. They stopped contacting me. Then I felt free last night to go to Supermall to see movie: Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

SURPRISINGLY. There I found out that the adoration was taken place at Supermall, just nearby the cinema!!!! So I had to do this hide and seek to avoid meeting my aunt and cousins accidently. It started just before the movie began, and finished almost the same time with the movie. I ran ran and ran to avoid those people coming out of the ballroom from the adoration. Hiiiii Couldn't imagine if I got caught!!!

Well....If I have to choose between Rm. Yohannes and Brad Pitt...?! You know my answer. I hate being hypocrite. That's why I write it bluntly here. I couldnt stay in that room, looking at people crying, falling down on the floor, screaming, talking in so-called-god language, sometimes wildly act like animals. I'm scared. SCARED. If you guys have DIFFERENT opinion here, please keep it for yourself. Coz' I have the right to have my own opinion about this kind of service to God, or ceremony, or mass -whatever you call it.


Anyway, the movie was super. Four thumbs for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!!!!!!!!

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