Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Boring free time

I got used to work about 12 hours a day. I enjoyed my busy time very much. Well, beside being busy and got pretty good amount of salary, I don't have much free time left. Free time = money spending.

But now that I already stopped working at Excellogix, I have 8 hours extra free time a day!!!!!!

Maybe you guys think that it would be nice just relaxing at home. BUT I was dying already yesterday. At my FIRST day of working only for 4 hours per day. Really don't know what to do.......

It's almost 4:00 pm right now. But don't feel like going home. I know I have to pack my stuffs for moving out this weekend, but the lazy virus is soooo strong. And I can't concentrate to read some novels. Also not interested to the TV programmes. Plus I couldn't sleep that early.

So....pity me just laying on the bed. With my mind flying here and there. BORING GITU LOOHHH

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frely said...

Recommended book: The Joy of Not Working - Ernie J. Zelinski

ada terjemahannya di gramedia, kemaren beli tapi blom baca... keknya sih lumayan, paling gak bisa bantu ilangin rasa bersalah kalo seharian gak ngelakuin pekerjaan.. :)