Sunday, July 03, 2005

Make out with Brad Pitt

Since last Friday, I was a lone-and-horny pregnant woman. Well, I guessed hormonal thing was responsible for this.
I spent my bed rest time sleeping, eating and watching TV; and still drama comedy Friends came to my greatest interest. They just can make me laugh easily. The day before, I watched the story when Brad Pitt appeared as a guest actor. And then last Friday the story was when pregnant Rachel got her hormonal urges. Got horny on every guy she met -including Ross and Joey. It was sooo sooo funny.

I guessed then that story strengthen my mind that this happens to every pregnant woman. That during this time their needs is even bigger on this matter. I told my husband about this, but alas, he's just so far far away to satisfy me. So this thing was going around inside my head for several days.

But this morning I woke up with satisfied smile. Hohohoho. I got a very very satisfying dream. I made out with Brad Pitt!!! His face was so clear in my mind, his smile is haunted me the whole day, even I still can feel him in my arm. His face was fresh as seen in Friends, but was as sexy as seen in Troy and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. In my dream he was a perfect combination of a gorgeous, strong, smart, hot and sexy man. It was the best dream I've ever had for sure hahahahaha

Oh I feel sooooooo goooood (^__^).

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Carla said...

wow.. is it true? then i'll have to make sure when i'm pregnant later on (IF I'm pregnant) to keep my hubby/bf near me all the time.