Sunday, November 06, 2005

These past two weeks

Woa.....long time not writing anything here!!! At last now I got the mood and the chance.

I am not in Japan anymore since about two weeks ago. Ehm....I was in INDONESIA!!! Thanks for you friends who were willing to accompany me, and sorry to those I couldn"t meet during my short visit this time. I am in Korea already now and starting my real marriage life here.

It was busy days, but I HAD A GREAT TIME!!!!!!!!!! Oh how I loved being back in my country.

Only Vebby and Nyo knew about my coming back to Indonesia, so I had some funny and interesting time to surprise some friends. Wehehehe I always enjoyed being a surprise [narcist mode: ON]

Vebby asked Valens to come to her place to treat him dinner. So he was like the first one to be surprised. I still remembered his wide round opened rounded eyes and mouth when he saw me got off the taxi hehe

Vebby arranged an all-you-can-eat dinner at Tomodachi for Vitria, Adnan, Valens, Mariza, Carla, Rina and Arief. But Arief didn't show yet accidently I met June and Devina there. I enjoyed their surprised face and reaction. Carla cursed, Vitria screamed, Mariza couldn't talk, and Adnan with his wide opened mouth.

Surprising Arief was the best part cause i got the best reaction hehehehe. I came to CDU out of sudden, opened the door cheerfully, and made Arief shocked, called my name for many many times and fell on the floor with his tears. His reaction made me speechless. But I was very very happy to be able to meet him again. He was still Arief I used to know, with his special characters and funny jokes, but with his new hobby: making cookies (to be sold unfortunately, not be be given to me as present). But I can say here that you should try his Kaastengel. Ehm...bit expensive, so better ask lots of sample Kaastengel cookies from him hahaha.

Sheila surprised me just before I went to Japan by coming out of sudden to my apartment. She was still in Surabaya when I came there, so I got the chance to pay her back for her surprised hohoho. I loved her funny shocked face, rounded eyes and oh-so-loud scream on her door when I came there with Vebby, Nyo and Carla. hihihi GOTCHA girl!!

Nina got surprised by Vebby's joke (that she's getting married) on the phone. Vebby and I made tricky story to fool Nina and Vitria at that time, but it made Nina came over the weekend to Surabaya hahaha. So happy to meet her again. We had a great time going to TP with Vitria, and Karaoke with Adnan, Arief, Mul, and Roy.

Vebby asked Emmy to come to Banana Leaf restaurant when Vebby, Nyo and I had lunch together there. Hihihihi she was surprised that she mumbled out some weird words. After watching us having lunch, Emmy went to my house; and the next weekend we watched movie together at TP with Mariza as well.

Carla said that she would go for a movie one afternoon with some excellogix friends: Boo, Denny and Jon. So suddenly I got the idea to surprise the boys.

Hmmm but I failed to surprise Tina because bitchy arief stole the thunder. He told her in advance on the phone. HUH..!!

This visit was wonderful. Full of laughter and jokes. It was the best way to say good bye, with wide smile and happy faces. Even Ayik came from Bojonegoro a day before I left Surabaya. Perfect.


I ate almost all the food I've terribly missed and ate some other more delicious than ever food:
Kangkung hot plate and Gurame rica at Layar
Bebek goreng canggih with its special tasty oily sauce
Kwetiaw siram at Apeng
Yakiniku at Angus House
Soto ayam at Pucang
Nasi Padang with Tina at CDU
Chinese food at XO in restaurant in TP
Soto Banjar at Kedung doro
Cocofrio ice cream
Lele penyet at Indokee in Citraland
Mie Dok dok Ploso
Javanese fried noodle at Ondomohen
Mie Ujung Pandang at Kertajaya Indah
Bubur ayam surya
La Mien at PAM's
Bakso Pak Salam
Cah Jagung and Bakwa pedas made by Tina's maid
Tom Yam soup at Banana Leaf
Terong goreng made by Tante Nanik's maid
Indomie goreng made by Vebby
Indomie Ayam with egg made by Valens
Ham and Cheese crepes at de'Crepes TP
4 Kgs Rambutan sent by Ayik from Bojonegoro

Hmmmm...writing those food down already made me drooling again. But life must go on. I was lucky enough that I got chance to eat them in such a short time.

Well, new life is starting now. Bye-bye surabaya, see you again friends. Ehm!! this time i won't come out of sudden in a month hehehe (^___^)


Carla said...

Yeah. I forgive you. Pregnant women do really get weirder than usual. hehe..

Sheila said...

So we're even, huh??? Share the 1-1 score now. Wait till I eventually show up at your doorway in Inchong!!! Now that would make the score 3-1. Hehehe.

Neways, glad to see you for the last time until I don't know when... It was a nice surprise, nice goodbye wave, though it seemed too short as always. Stay chic and pretty, you're making all pregnant fellows -- no, correction, ALL WOMEN jealous of seeing you so cute despite your huge stomach!!! :P (Except, of course, Jennifer Aniston a.k.a. Rachel, coz she's far cuter than you, she wouldn't bother to feel jealous, hihihi)

Hitoshi said...

(o^_^o)/~hehe..Congratulations on your true newly-married life. South Korea seems to be colder than Japan.You must get warm eating Kimutige. (>.<)haha.
Please take care of yourself.(^.^)/

imoet said...

Thanks La, tapi lama2 aku jadi ngelamak hihihi

Hehehe yeah la. we're even now. Thanks, but I did like feel as pretty as rachel hehehehe

Hi Hitoshi!!!
Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I welcome myself to the real life now. Yes, Korea is much colder. I must get used quickly. Take care of yourself too (^__^)