Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My New Life

Hi Hi Hi.....

I'm in cold Korea now. 5 busy first days here, I started my life as a real housewife already!!!!
I must do the housechores. From cleaning, cooking, to shopping for daily needs. Kitchen is my office desk now, and there I spend most of my time. Well, I mean, really like my office, facilitated with a PC hahahaha

We live in a 23rd floor 3-bedrooms apartment. It's still messy now since we have still many stuffs in boxes, and expecting lots more coming this week. The view from our place is gorgeous since it is at the highest floor, but my husband got this high place phobia hahahahaha. This place is also well furnitured and equipped. I got nice spacey kitchen, but unfortunately I can't access all the cupboards since they're the way too high from my reach hiks hiks.

View from our apartment

Anyway, this would be our home for this coming 3 years. It's still for the two of us, but coming year we'll have this new family member here. Please wish me the best to be a good wife and mother (^_^)

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pyor said...

reading ur online diary..so many changes have happened...
nice office ya!