Saturday, November 19, 2005

Fried Fingers

Accidents unexpectedly happen, dear friends....and so did to me again today.

As you read the title, perhaps you could guess when could it be. Yep. During cooking.
Our menu tonight was Japanese koloke. Differ to the koloke we are familiar with in Indonesia, Japanese koloke is like a croquette. More about this koloke thing can be read at kitchenku, but anyway the accident happened basically because I made too big koloke.

The koloke should be fried in middle temperature, that is about 170-180 Celcius degree. So we fried the first giant koloke in the right temperature. Then we decided to make the rest of koloke smaller, so I had to re-shape the other koloke before got fried. I got too concentrating in making new ones that I didn't make the fire smaller nor turned the stove off. When the koloke ready, I put it in flour bowl, then egg bowl and finally bread powder bowl. This stages made my fingers covered with thick bread powder and it was when I couldn't really feel stuffs. So when I put one new koloke into the TOO HOT oil, I put also my fingers together with it. And that's how I got my right ring and little fingers fried, covered with mixed of flour, egg and bread powder.

I screamed and cried like a kid. Was so DAMN painful, and IS still now. I already put my fingers in cold water for more than an hour, but they're still painful. I can't use my right hand properly now (T_T)

Ummm one thought just passed my mind. What if I didn't pull my fingers out immediately at that time? perhaps I got them overcooked now. Would they be as delicious as those fried koloke?! hihihihi bego!


Carla said...

Clumsiness #1001. Hehe..

Sheila said...

Whoaaa...disgustingly creepy. Wouldn't wanna try that fried finger for sure. But then again, based on my already one year and half experience in the kitchen, there are MORE ACCIDENTS TO COME, from burning your fingers to burning your kitchen and breaking all the glasses (I was once down from 6 glasses to 2 glasses left in my cupboard!! Hehehe)

Enjoy the unexpected!!!

Sinta said...

Mut, mestinya begitu kena panas apapun juga misalnya misalnya minyak panas, api, ato air panas, setelah dicuci bersih cepet kasih kecap manis, dijamin gak melepuh :P

BTW... aku dah baca kitchenku
bisa dicoba tuh dirumah, biar suami gak bosen ya mut :))

Ira said...

Wah...ati2 donk... :)

U OK now?