Monday, November 28, 2005

Eating alive octopus

As usual, Hiro and I usually have dinner outside on weekends, which could be either Saturday or Sunday. He introduces me to delicious yet sometimes weird Korean food. Well, being in Korea does also mean that I have to try Korean food, rite?!

So last Saturday after going back from Gangnam, we looked for restaurant nearby our apartment that sells octopus. The previous two weeks we had a really nice octopus soup so I'd like to eat the same food again. We were too exhausted to think of trying new food as well as too scared of getting new weird taste.

First restaurant we entered sold the octopus soup for 50,000 won, which is damn expensive because the previous octopus soup we had was only 15,000 won. So we just got out of that restaurant quickly and looked for other restaurant. The restaurant we knew was closed that night, so we felt lucky enough to get 20,000 won octopus at this other restaurant. With his limited Korean, Hiro explained what we wanted to the waitress, and then we just waited for the food coming doing some chit-chat.

Then the food came. It was not Octopus soup like what we expected!!! apparently there was misunderstanding, and we just knew no words of how to explain it. Instead of hot octopus soup served, we got a plate of alive baby octopus. Though finely cut, still alive and moving!!!! Some body parts even tried to run away from the plate. Well, follow this link to see the still-moving-octopus and you will understand how I felt!

I was so shocked. What a poor baby octopus!!......I couldn't imagine of eating it!! I could feel its desperate defense when I tried to take it by chopsticks. It moved panicly in my spoon, and I could feel the so called tentakels sticked on my tongue and throat, as if trying to prevent itself of getting drown into my stomach. I almost vomitted, and was sure I wouldn't manage to eat the second one. Come on....!! that thing was still alive! I even still saw it in the aquarium in front of the restaurant just before we entered. Was so small and cute. I didn't have such a cruel heart to eat more!
So Hiro saved me by asking the waiter -of course using body language as well- to put some moving octopus into boiled water. Phew...

And the poor octopus suddenly became so delicious in a clear soup hahahahaha

The previous octopus soup


Carla said...

How damn disgusting is that!!!! Freaked me out to read it. *shiver*
Good for you to be able to eat it after it was boiled, though. I'd still imagine the moving octopus in my throat, if it were me.

Carla said...

How damn disgusting is that!!!! Freaked me out to read it. *shiver*
Good for you to be able to eat it after it was boiled, though. I'd still imagine the moving octopus in my throat, if it were me.

Sheila said...

It was abuse to small, innocent, vulnerable animals to be treated like that!
At least they deserve to die peacefully and be cooked and served with dignity!!!

Hiks stomach still gurgles till this very minute I am typing. Lagi ngomel2in Hiro kenapa dia tega makan itu... and he said he ate them alive, and (quote:) "this morning it went out of my asshole, still alive!"

They swim through his stomach, and most of all (quote from Hiro), they could have been playing with your baby inside, Shier!!!!
I'm never gonna be able to eat anything at all today :((

Vei said...

emang kamu terbukti sebagai pemakan segala mutmut hahahahaha.....oh iya, a note for you n hiro...aku gak mau diajak makan itu ntar kalo disana...akan kuingat2 itu, sebelum kalian membawaku masuk dan melihat benda itu meloncat2 minta dimakan!

dolphinrider said...

Yaiks...ngilani.Hebat loe,masih bisa nyoba makan. Itu emang ada makanan kayak gitu ato si kokine pikir hiro minta gitu(karna nga ngerti bahasane)?

RinA said...


I can't imagine myself eating THAT!!!

Gosh! Don't they have other things to eat? Than simply being like a barbar?

If I were you, I wouldn't even let myself eat those baby octopus after they were boiled!!!

valens said...

aku mau makanan ituuuu !!! bisa buat nambah koleksi binatang airku dirumah :P. entar kalo kamu balik indo tak masakin lobster hasil piaraanku yg masih "Fresh" hehehe
e-mail dong 'ci wmv-nya, loading berat minta ampun.

nina said...

cute. i like baby octopus :) i've tried baby shark and it was good as well. u and hiro n baby should try sometime :)

Finally Woken said...

Ow-wow... I'm speechless!

Can we copy-paste this story to Indonesian Expatriates Forum? Of course the original source and author shall be stated there.

Let me know yaaa...:) Thank you.

imoet said...

finally woken,

sure :)! an honor for me.
Baru sadar, movienya gak bsia di klik lagi ya. ntar malam aku cariin filenya trus upload lagi deh :)