Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My first winter

During my childhood, through televisions, story books and pictures, winter in my mind was equal with the white world. Where beautiful snow covered the houses and trees and cars and roads thickly. Where people with thick jacket walking happily with their smoked breath. Where snowman statues and christmas decorations could be found almost everywhere. Where there's nothing but happiness you can see and feel.

I knew that it must be cold. But since I lived in the hot-the-whole-year Indonesia, I'd love to experienced cold white winter. I'd love to try making snowman. I'd love to play with snow balls. I'd love to be under the beautiful snow shower. And I'd love to step my small feet and running along snowy roads. All I imagined was happiness in the white world.

Yet now I really am living in a country with its famous cold winter. All my childhood imagination were all gone now. I saw snow shower and experienced living in this white snowy place, but this is not as what I imagined hahahahahaha

It is beautiful. Look at the photo taken from our apartment. I wanted badly to run downstair after taking the photo, doing all the things I'd imagined during my childhood. But once the elevator door opened, I was shocked. IT WAS SO DAMN COLD. I can hardly move or breath. First because of my too thick clothes that stiffed my body, and second because of the cold air was like a sharp knife to my skin.

Then once I walked onto the snowy road, I almost fell down. It was really slippery!!! Well, I had to hold Hiro really tight because several times I got slipped. If I fell would be really dangerous. Not for me-because I fell down a lot in my life- but for my son. This surprisingly slippery snow changed my mind of beautiful snow, and made me extra carefull to walk alone.

And today.....the beautiful of the snow was gone. Wet slippery roads with dirty snow were all left. The city looked very dirty today because of that, and not to mention the cold air. I felt suffering walking with my shopping stuffs this afternoon. I was like a walking ball with my ready-for-a-war-with-cold clothing meanwhile those Koreans were only wearing 1 pieces of jackets. I can't believe it. Are they skins so thick that can protect them from cold?!?! (Jadi mbayangin kulitnya badak hihihi)

Anyway, here's my first winter. It's only December now...I can't imagine how cold would it be on January brrrrrrrr


Sheila said...

Nope. Not cool at all after you've passed all the excitement about the beauty of the snow and sending off pictures of snow as I did last year.

this year it was like... please don't let it be this cold tomorrow... please please please... I'm dying already...


mia said...

well, at least you still have "white-snowy" winter, here... wind wind wind and veel regen, sucks!! :P