Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Gifts christmas gift from Hiro!!! [show off mode: ON]

I got Ken Hirai's special edition 10th year single album collection ('95-'05) with DVD bonus. It's public secret that I love Ken Hirai. His soft sexy voice, plus his muscular body, tough jaw, soft eyes, sexy dimples and smiles. Ehm...remember my HP's ringtone when I was in Indonesia? I remember some of you guys hated it...tick tack, tick tack....

Well, this Christmas present supposed to be a surprise gift tonight, but Hiro was not careful enough to hide it from me hahahaha. I found it last week, so sadly he just handed it to me. Sorry dear, to ruin your surprise gift. But I did fel very happy with the present. Ken Hirai is sooo damn handsome hehehe.

Therefore today I planned to made christmas cake as a present for Hiro. You know I'm not good in baking -ehm, I ruined my Kue Sus last time- but I wanted to try again. I couldn't give anything to him, so perhaps this cake (made by my love) could be a nice simple gift from me (^__^).

As a beginner, I wanted to make strawberry sponge cake. From my recipe book, it looked tempted and easy. And so did I try.

I had no electric mixer or whisk, so I had to beat the eggs and sugar manually. I took me 3 hours beating to get the similar batter as shown by the pictures in my recipe book. I almost cried and gave up, but because sometimes Hiro helped, I was encouraged to continue beating. have no idea how painful my right hand was.

BUT THEN!!!! After baking it in the oven for 10 minutes (as written in the book), all I got was the black-overcooked-BANTAT-cake. DAMN DAMN DAMN. My heart sank. I fell on my knees in front of the oven, staring at the failed cake desperately, CRYING. The tears just fell down unexpectedly. It's supposed to be a christmas gift for Hiro. He might be glad with a bit too sweet or not beautifully decorated cake, but this one was definitely a CRAP. I was so dissapointed. Not only because I don't have another gift for Hiro, but also for the 3 hours beating!!! HUAAAAAA

Hiro laughed seeing me crying in front of the oven. And maybe because he understood my dissapointment, he told me to change my cloth and to go shopping together.

It was then how I got my second christmas gift. Electric mixer or whisk. Completed with hand blender and electric chopper hehehehe.

How I LOOOVEEEEE Hiro!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas, everybody...............!!!! (^_-)


yunita said...

HAHAHAHHA... siann deh lo :P
tapi berkat kue bantat item khan jadi dapet kado natal dobel..heuheuheue
Ya udah mixernya di test sana :)

denni said...

you love him or his presents? :p

Carla said...

hehehe.. lucunyaaa.... ngemixnya kurang cepet kali shier... kalo ga pake mixer elektrik memang susah. :P