Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Virginity topic

Valens' story about virginity today aroused many comments and opinions from some friends. Though some prefered to be passive audiences due to the heavy topic and language he used [read: Indonesian]

I will try to put myself at the girl's position.
She had a boyfriend. Loved him deeply that she trusted him and gave him her virginity.
But the boyfriend cheated on her by having affair. Broke her heart, lost her courage to face reality.

What would I do?

I would cry. I got hurt. I would hate the guy that he couldn't be trusted. I would hate myself of not be able to keep my boyfriend's love. I would lose my confidence. I would lose my trust to men. I would lose my trust to love.

BUT.....I won't cry for the virginity. I won't hate myself of not having that anymore. It's not a rape case. I won't regret such a thing. If I did that, meant it's only my excuse to blame him. But in this case he is not the only one to be blamed, right?

Life is about a game. All you need is confidence to take the control, to choose the path; but be ready with whatever the result is. Be the gone be by gone. Future is the more important thing to be faced. It takes time, but time will heal the pain.

The girl loved the boy deeply, but the boy didn't respect her by doing such affair. So NOW, it's time for the girl to love and give respect to HERSELF. Show the boy the he was being so stupid by leaving such a precious girl.

Hhhhhh...actually.....It is easy for me to say this for you to think of, but still I didn't have such a courage. Love is blind and I am. But trust me....if this happened to me again, then I WOULD.


Carla said...

can't agree more.

Sheila said...

yah... masalahnya nggak semua cowok bisa terima bahwa virginity doesn't count in relationship, dan nggak semua cewek bisa terima dirinya sendiri kalo udah nggak virgin.

jadi ya muter terus kayak lingkaran setan. Aku sih tetep berpendapat "It's a one-time running race... once you take off and let go, you'll never get it back"
jadi ya run forward aja terus... kan keputusan sendiri dari awal untuk lepasin... ya hadapi hidup dengan smile :)

kalo ditinggalin cowok, ya it's his loss. cari lagi, susah amat sih. masih cantik dan seksi ini.
I wish all human beings had the same thought as I do. (hihihi, narcist mode : kumat)