Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My darling is a foreigner

ダーリン は 外国人

Hiro told me how popular this manga is in Japan and since we forgot to buy it in Tokyo, he reminded me to buy ones in Narita before I left. But....yeah, as usual. Forgotten. *grin*

So last Sunday he bought the manga. Laughed his heart out telling the FUNNY stories on the phone, inviting my curiosity to look for information about this book. Then I read some reviews about it, and since it has something to do with multicultural issues, my greatest interest, I couldn't stop finding more and more reviews. In addition, I am now in the process of developing a research proposal about similar field. A bonus hehehe.

The manga is about heartwarming story of the daily life of an international couple in Japan. How small cultural difference that actually can lead into fighting be seen from humour point of view. Meanwhile the manga is also very even-handed in critiquing both Japanese and non-Japanese preconceptions and stereotypes. Written also, that actually from the manga itself, Japanese simple daily life and Japanese habits can be seen. Another media to learn culture, indeed.

The more I read the reviews, the more I want to read the manga. Pity, no english translation available yet (_ _!). So Hiro....be prepared to translate it for me hehehehehehehe (^_-) *wink*


Sheila said...

Sounds like a cool manga? Could u have Hiro translate it to you then write the whole English translation to me piece by piece? Hihihihi *evil grin*

I'm not a fan of manga but became fond of it since Eri is manga maniac. Right now am reading Manga Love Story, but basically it is how Japanese make love to each other, all the tricks n techniques, in 16 series so far. I could use some topic changes now! Hahaha

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pyor said...

Hiiii..mau!!! u yg translate ke indo yah! trus kita terbitkan di indo:p