Thursday, April 07, 2005

Humanity wristband

As a result of vei's post on march 31. 2005 about a humanity wristband, several friends got interested and ordered it. This afternoon vei got package of the wristbands, so everybody was so excited wearing it. Look at our red wristband pictures.

Red wristband at Excellogix

This is a small contribution for the education of Indonesian children. Not expensive, only IDR 10,000. We do hope other people's hearts would get knocked to spare this small amount of money. The more people buy and wear this wristband, the more Indonesian children would be helped.

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Anonymous said...

itu aku yg paling kiri di foto ^_^


imoet said...

Kamu sekalian promosi dirimu sendiri ya!!! B-(

Guys...yang paling kiri di foto itu emang paling manis kok hihihihi