Monday, April 25, 2005

Korean drama: Full House

full house

Vei bought the drama series in Jakarta. At first I was not interested. Well, 16 episodes = 16 hours!! I thought....time of watching drama series for hours had passed already. I can hardly find time to watch 1.5 hour movie, I wouldn't be able to manage 16 episodes drama!

But then....while waiting for Nina's coming....I accompanied Vei's mom watching the first episode. And I just fell in love to the drama. Soooo simple. Sooo touching. Soooo funny. SO I decided to spend my relaxing Sunday watching that in stead of sleeping.

The review of the drama is here. I'm not writing it here coz it would be too long. Starred by Song Hye Kyo and Bi. The story is simple, but the humour is not exageratting like other korean comedies I have watched. I smiled, I laughed out loud, I cried the whole episodes. Now i'm sitting in front of my lap top with big eyes. Not because of crying after fighting with Hiro hehehe....but because of got touched by Bi and Song Hye Kyo's acting.

Really recommended!!! your laughs and tears are worthed.

I finished it at 3:20 AM and now can hardly open my eyes (even after 2 cups of coffee!). Yesterday Vei told me that she has another drama. 22 episodes!!! WEKS....must start it on Saturday evening hahahaha

This evening I will open again my unopened-for-2-years Korean lesson book.*grin*.
AJA AJA PAITING (fighting - in Korean pronunciation hihihi)


Sheila said...

SETUJU!!! KOREAN DRAMAS are the best!! Hardly ever disappointed by them... unlike those of Taiwan and China. I didn't remember anymore how I could fell for Meteor Garden back then!

Eh, minta dicopy-in donk. Kirim kesini lewat Yun isa? Nunut 16 cd kosong... pleeeeezzz. Mau nggak, mau nggak? *begging face*

imoet said...

Hahahahaha Iyo setuju. Tapi aku ya tetep suka meteor garden kok la. Cuma terus yang lain2 wes males liat.

Si yunita bawa buat dia. Ntar kamu pinjem ma dia abis dia nonton ae yoooo. Ampun pek nek kudu ngopi 16x2 cd. Ntar aku dimaki2 anak yg kompnya ada cd writer itu hihihi. okiee???