Monday, April 11, 2005

Sakura oh closed....

This morning I got several emails from my friends in Japan. All with attached pictures or links.....of HANAMI (The tradition of watching sakura while drinking with friends)!!!!! The sakura I missed last week. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (@_@). So close.........

Seems like almost everybody in that country are enjoying the beautiful view of this once-a-year flower.

Hiro's blog telling his last Saturday's experience, Hitoshi's email showing up some links with oh-so-wonderful pictures of the blooming flowers, Yuki's wide smile together with his friends under the tree, also one of Sho's; and even Jun told me he went to Tokyo last weekend and was about to have Hanami there. Who else queueing?
You guys are like mocking me hiks hiks hiks

When would my chance be? (T____T)

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