Friday, April 08, 2005

Sloppy me......AGAIN!!

I should have worked at CDU at afternoon shift today because I have to do some follow up. But then I changed my mind.

My passport needs to be renewed, and my ID card registered in Vei's family certificate in Malang. Thus it is impossible to renew the passport in Surabaya. I contacted Vei's mom and asked for the requirements, and she wished I could give all the documents needed to Vei (as this evening she's going home to Malang).

I kept all my important documents in a locked drawer at CDU. It was quite difficult to arrange my working hours, but then I managed to work at CDU in the morning. I prepared the documents already and put it on my desk.

It was quite a busy day. And this afternoon I had quick lunch appointment with my colleagues from CDU. I only had limited time to go to my other office, so I was really in a rush. I held the documents, but mother nature urged me to go to toilet first *BAH*.

Well.....then I arrived at my other office just on time. Felt relieved, I started to turn my PC on and had small talk with my friend. But then I stunned.....DAMN!!!!!! I FORGOT MY DOCUMENTS!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Lately this sloppy matter is quite disturbing!! (_ _o)


Carla said...

And you are the most often person who laughs at my sloppiness.. forgetting your own. :P I won't say "Welcome to the Club!" since you've already been in the club for a long time. hehehe... So.... congrats for realising it! wakakakaka

imoet said...
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imoet said...

Well Carla,
It's just TOO funny to laugh at other people's sloppiness,yet not funny anymore if it happens to myself (^_-)*wink*