Friday, April 15, 2005

Weird mouse

This afternoon at my full time work, I got the mouse of my computer stopped working. I tried to restart the PC, plugged out-in-out-and-in the mouse again and again, but i couldn't manage to make it working properly. Then I asked denni to check it. Broken - was Denni's conclusion. So I went downstair to ask for another mouse from our technical support, Nuz.

Nuz then came in with another old mouse. Hmmm I think I deserve a new one, but I was not lucky enough. In addition, no new mouse stock here. Apparently then the other old mouse was also a broken one. So Nuz brought upstair a-weird-look mouse. I've never seen such mouse in that shape. Since it is a VERY old fashioned one. It didn't even have PS2 plug (don't expect USB then!). Denny had to do with something like BIOS one to make it work. Actually while waiting I was praying so that It would NOT work, but hikkkssss......this smart ass Denni dissapointed me.

So now my PC has this weird mouse (T___T). I have no idea how old it is, and I'm surprised we still have this one in the office. It works properly, so actually I should be happy. BUT It's SO BIG for me. It is 1.5 of my small palm size. And with my short fingers, this is a real problem. I can't click it as easy as I wished.

When I grumbled out loud, Carla said that it shouldn't be called mouse. It is a RAT! hahaha....but for my hand.....IT IS LIKE A RABBIT!!


Carla said...

have fun with your rat, girl.


imoet said...

RABBIT, carlaaaaaa
Gedenya segitu koooook!!
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