Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Universal Studios Japan

It is located at Osaka. I went there with Hiro and Miyamoto’s family –without the son since he had baseball training in his school-

At first we went to Terminator 3D show. After queuing for about 20 minutes, we could get in. Together with about 60 people, we were welcomed by a very funny MC at a special room. Hiro said that Osaka people are people who love making jokes. This MC could make people laugh out loud. Then we were lead to the theatre to see the 3D show. Well, guys… know how I behave while having action movie, rite?!

Then we tried Back to The Future and Spiderman shows. Both are popular shows that we had to wait for 80 minutes, only for a 10 minutes show!!! I can imagine how impatient Hiro was hehehe…but thanks ;-) I do appreciate it.

spiderman 3D

I love the Back to the Future most. It made me screaming crazily during the whole show. I didn’t care what Hiro and Miyamoto’s family thought of me. I just enjoyed it too much and behaved as what I am. Thanks for bringing me to such a great place.

We went back to Tokyo by plane. Had my favourite Tonkotsu ramen as the dinner. Arrived at hotel at about 1:00 AM, exhausted and fell into asleep in a second I touched the pillow. What a great day I had that day!! (^______^)

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