Wednesday, April 20, 2005

About ti-uti

I know this guy in 1997, so more or less 8 years already. Been VERY close before, yet now we are still good friends. We've been ups and downs together, laughing and crying, even shouting to each other. But no one (except Vei) knows me better than him.

I was very mean to him. Possesive, demanding, and always want him to realise what I want. Being so damn egois, without ever think of how he feels. But he's always be there for me. Gives me his hands whenever I need help, ready with his shoulder whenever I need it to cry on, comes in a second if I need a companion, hates Soto Banjar so much yet willing to eat it whenever I want it hehehe. The only one who can bear my harsh words. He is a friend, a brother, and also a teacher.

Once we went to Tanggulangin with his family. There I saw a nice bag (he knows I'm a bag maniac). Was about to buy it, but the price came to my consideration. But then his father, the unpatient type, rushed everybody to go home once he finished his business there. All the way back to Surabaya ti-uti knows I can't let the bag go out of my mind. So an hour after we arrived in Surabaya, he took me to the same place again by motorbike!!!! It needs about an hour drive. AND at last I didn't buy the bag. His face was grey already....but still be so patient.......

Ouw....trying to recall another stories, but TOO much to be written here. Shortly, lots of similar events happened. Can u imagine how nice is he?!

Still me myself always comes first in my priority. He's a spot that is almost forgotten when I have colorfull tone in my life, but the one I count on when there's no one available.

He is simple yet complicated. Combination of serious and humorous type. To whom I forget all about my pride ==> the only one I feel free to ask buying me stuffs I like HAHAHA. He is warm and nice, smart and patient, religious and open minded. Everybody likes him. Everybody admires him. And everybody just can't believe why he's still very nice to me amongst all things I've done to him. YET they feel relieved that he is no more than a bestfriend for me (any objections, friends? hehehe)

I just realised last night when Vei, Nyo and I talked about him; that he is a guy that is TOO good to be TRUE. Tell me if you can find a man of his kind in nowadays cruel world! His future wife would be very lucky - which is NOT me! hehehe


Sheila said...

Couldn't agree more. I might not know him as well as you or others do, but I surely love him and admire him as much!!
Such a pure character, such a soft and tender heart, yet a hard principle. Frankly speaking I would step up for competition had I not yet a boyfriend! Hahaha.

Seriously, he's one perfect husband to make. Not a boyfriend, nor an affair, a HUSBAND. One should grab him while one can and drag him down the aisle, coz God doesn't create a man like that for the next 100 years!!

Carla said...

I would have wanted to join the competition if he hadn't raised too many complicated weird issues about life. :P

Sorry, Lens.

valens said...

Tumben lu nulis yg baik-baik tentang gw 'ci ????!! pasti ada maunya... hihihi (JK)

PitPit said...

Valens emang baek.. tapi kalo nyetir medeni.. kqkqkqkq.. aku heran loh. Pdhl banyak yg bilang klo kepribadian seseorang bisa dilihat dari caranya menyetir mobil. Nah, pertanyaannya, yang manakah kepribadian dia yg sebenar2nya?!?! :p
Tapi emang beruntung cewek yang dapetin dia.. TAPI, lebih beruntung lagi karena Valens gak dapetin Semut! Itu bencana bagi Valens!! WAKAKAKAKAKA... *imut pasti bete..kqkqkqkq*

valens said...

Engga medeni pit' cuma kamu termakan omongane imut aja, jadi berhalusinasi :). Yg bener sih mestinya, kepribadian orang dilihat dari cara bertutur kata ya :P, kalo dari cara nyetir brarti bapak-bapak sopir taxi blue bird pasti orang baik-baik kekekeke

imoet said...

ayo traktir gw buat promosi gratis ini hehehehe