Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gotochi Kitty

I recognized that there is always local's specialty Hello Kitty's souvenir wherever I went around Japan. Well, not only Hello Kitty actually. Doraemon, Kewpie and other character have too; but I think Hello Kitty one is the cutest.

So I started to collect Kitty-chan when we visited Shirakawa-go, during our golden week holiday early May. I regretted I didn't start earlier, we've been to many places that I doubt we would visit again in the future. But better late than never, this is my first Gotochi Kitty: from Shirakawa-Go

From Hida perfecture, where we had camp at the Takasu campground for three nights

From Kamikochi, where we had 3.5 hours hiking with Iki's walking speed.

From Yamanashi, an area where peach is the specialty

They are now hanging on my fridge's door, waiting for more Kitty-chan(s)!


lady ck said...

I don't know how I found your blog, but I'm loving it..keep bloggin.

PS: your son is really cutee!

imoet said...

thank lady ck! ;-)