Thursday, June 02, 2011

New class

This is my third class. Smaller than the previous two, but has 6 boys!
All are 4 years old!!

The most exhausting class so far, but they all are really eager to
learn. And it matters the most ;-).

I've got new request to teach another class of five 4 years old girls.
I think this would be the last class i would accept or I won't have
any free time left.

My house is like a small English school now!! :p


The Diva said...

ooo how cute!!!!!!
how many classes do you have now??
I'm so happy that you have a great activity that you enjoy so much!!!!!

imoet said...

4 classes now :p and I think that's enough :p. biar meskipun sibuk ngajar, aku masih ada waktu buat shopping, dandan, and (menurut hiro paling penting) bersih bersih rumah :))