Thursday, June 09, 2011

Lego necklaces

This is my latest interest. Making accessories from nanoblock, the micro size building block!

Small red robot necklace

Colorful nanoblock necklace

Simple red nanoblock necklace and earrings set

Blue robot necklace and earrings set

Little nanoblock robot mobile phone strap

I made these cute things for bazaar in Iki's school next month (^____^)


Nanolock Fan Page said...

Hi there Mama-chan! This is Simon from Nanoblock Fan Page! I ran into your page after seeing your Nanoblock necklace creations through the Russian Nanoblock Facebook page! I found it really cool and decided to share it on our Facebook! Just want to let you know! :) Definitely check out our page if you get a chance!

imoet said...

Thank you for sharing my handmade accessories, Simon :)
My 7 years old son is a big fan of nanoblocks!!!