Tuesday, February 05, 2008


According to Japanese Lunar calendar, February 3 is celebrated as Setsubun or literary means seasonal division: one day before Spring. On that day people across the country throw away roasted beans around the house. Japanese believe that these kind of beans could chase away devils, so that they could start a brand new Spring with all the happiness. No devil, no winter colds. Every house may have different way of doing this based on their family tradition, but generally people will shout "ONI WA SOTO!!!" (Go away, Devil!!!) while trowing away beans to one of family member wearing devil's mask in front of the opened main door ; and then shout "FUKU WA UCHI!!" (Happiness, come inside!) while throwing away beans inside every room in the house. After that each family member must eat the roasted beans as much as his/her age.

It was snowing on Setsubun this year. A pretty heavy one in Tokyo. So Iki and papa-chan was busy playing outside until at last Iki felt really cold and agreed to go back home.

And this was our dinner. Tara Nabe. Boiled white fish with various vegetables inside a hotpot. What could be better for such a cold snowy day?! :p

At the end of the day we also did the Setsubun tradition, throwing away beans around the house. Iki got really excited and made the "throwing away" gestures even until he's on bed.
Papa-chan was the Oni or devil this year :p. Oni wa soto!!!!!

Fuku wa Uchi!!!!

And of course Iki didn't want to eat only 2 beans! hahaha (as he's only 2 years old)


The Diva said...

AHAHAHAHA aduhh aku suka tradisi ini!!
Mirip2 Carnival di Jerman ya???
At least the winter beast.

Papa-chan = beast??? HUahahahahahahaha.... ONI WA SOTO, ONI WA HIRO!!!!! GO AWAY HIRO!!! huahahahahahaha...

lha Iki akhirnya makan berapa beans???

Btw your soup looks delicious... but who the hell cut china cabbage that neatly and arranged some stupid soup that nicely????
Hahaha... you should see MY kind of soup, everything mixed up completely, you can hardly tell what is which, hahahahaha.

The Diva said...

Oh Oni itu devil ya (just re-read the blog).

Then it should be Hiro wa soto, hihhihihihi..

imoet said...


Wah udah gak terhitung lagi dia makan berapa kacang itu. Besoknya semua dilahap ama dia sambil nonton TV :))

Diva...Japanese eats with eyes :p
And oh ya, I can imagine your soup, apalagi kalo inget penampakan miso soupmu hahahaha