Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Thai Dinner

I was dying to eat something sour and salty and spicy so one Saturday we went to a Thai restaurant named E-san. It took about 1.5 hours drive from our place, but Hiro chose that restaurant because he knows the food quality already (despite that the owner is his friend :p). The cook was a Thai woman so I believed the originality of the taste. I was too excited to eat that I didn't pay attention to the name of the meals. If any of you knows it by chance, please let me know (^__^)

At first came this traditional pancake-like kind of meal (or martabak?). It has rich amount of oysters inside with bean sprouts and nira as toppings. Boy, it tasted really good. I had to remind myself that it was an appetizer and I must spare my stomach for the upcoming meals.

Then came this spring roll. Dipped in sweet and spicy sauce, it was a fresh and rich of vegetables starter. It helped washing away the oily taste from the previous fried meal.

This is my favorite Thai food ever: Tom Yam Goong. And that restaurant served us the best Tom Yam Goong I've ever had in my life. This is not exaggerating. I finished it until the last drop of its soup. The seafood amount was enormous. The sourness was perfect. Not too salty but salty enough to satisfy my need. And spicy. Really spicy as we ordered so. This soup really gave me food orgasm :p. God, I'm drooling now; and swallowing my own spit in the middle of the night is dying! :((

And this spicy Kangkung (watercress) was the star for my dinner. I had never expected to eat any Kangkung in Japan before. I ordered extra spicy one, and finished it all by myself with a big portion of steam rice. It was KANGKUNG, for God's sake!! And It was very spicy. I was like half dreaming eating that in Tokyo :)).

Iki also needed to eat so we ordered this duck in noodle soup for him and Hiro. The soup was thick and very tasty, the duck was soft, the noodle was chewy. Too bad I only tried some bites since I was too excited with my spicy meals and my stomach was too full for non-spicy food :p. Next time I might order this meal again to satisfy my "noodling" needs :)) (I also looooveeeee noodles!)

And I thought this meal was supposed to be an appetizer but it came almost at the end of our dinner. Spicy papaya salad. Hiro loved this meal, it was not too spicy for him. It was like eating rujak without petis sauce for me hehehe, or like eating gohu (Manado style spicy papaya drink) without palm sugar taste. But overall this food is definitely what I will order if I go to a Thai restaurant again.

And Thai seafood fried rice. An additional meal Hiro ordered for him and Iki. This time I was waaaay too full I couldn't even try for one bite. No photo, unfortunately. My camera was out of battery (>.<). It was almost covered with seafood!! Wished I had extra space in my stomach to try :(

It was really a great dinner. It was Thai food but the taste somewhat reminded me of Indonesia. I was satisfied and ate really a lot. I had to unbutton my jeans to be able to sit and breath :p.


yun said...

papaya salad looks yummy... tapi tetep aja the yummiest food in the world is "sambal terasi dan lalapan", apalagi ditemani sama penyet2an kumplit.. sedaaaapppp :D

benova said...

waaa dimana ini? but it must be very expensive ya...hehehe

Yg martabak and spring roll itu...I;m not sure asli dari thai bukan ya, kok kayaknya yg spring roll itu mirip dari Vietnam.

Waduh jd pengin bgt nih hehe, papaya salad, trs ama sticky rice, trus ama chicken BBQ euaaanak.

NoorIntan said...

Oooh, those meals look really delicious...
Happy to hear that you're able to eat kangkung in Japan!

I like it when you said Iki needed to eat too, as if you're thinking "Oh, yeah. What about my boy here, he hasn't eaten!" whilst you're munching away those yummy food! LOL!!!