Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sapporo Snow Festival

At last I could see one of human's most spectacular creations: Sapporo Snow Festival!!!

We stayed at Washington Hotel, located at the neighborhood of Sapporo Station. Very strategic place. The snow festival was just 1 station from Sapporo Station, it was actually within walking distance but we were traveling with Iki and Hiro's parents. So we would pass the walking possibility, if possible :p.

Iki was sleeping and Hiro's parents needed some rest so after checking in, Hiro and I walked to the Odori Park, where the main snow festival was held. We were welcomed by this snow statue: "We want to protect the earth and the future of our children". A huge statue that brought an environmental issue to stop global warming:

There's also a huge statue of Disney's upcoming movie: The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I love watching the Taiko performance on stage the next day but everyone walked away quickly. I guess for them it's just an usual thing meanwhile for a foreigner like me it's really "interesting".

Actually within half an hour the lights would be turned on and the view would be even more spectacular, but it was almost dinner time so we didn't have much time to scroll down the park more. But I did take a shot nearby the Sapporo Tower which located at the end of the Odori Park.

On the next day all of us headed to Odori Park right after we had our late breakfast. We visited the Family Land first so that Iki could play there and then won't disturb us after he's satisfied.

These are some of the huge amazing snow statues.

There were lots of smaller ones as well. From animals to temples. From favorite baseball team to favorite cartoon characters. Iki was happy to find "nyanya" or cat he's been looking for:

And got even more excited when he found Thomas Train:

And I got excited when I found cotton candy :))

There were also famous Children TV show: Domo-Kun, and the very famous "Oshiri Kajiri Mushi", an insect who loves to bite butts :p

Almost at the end of the park we could see the huge ice sculptures. Seemed like they brought the whole zoo into the snow festival.

At the last day we got inside Sapporo Tower and I had to hold my breath to see the whole snow festival view from above:

Closer view:

Besides Odori Park, there're two more Snow Festival locations: Susukino site and Satoland. We didn't go to Satoland because it's way too far though there would be lots more playing area for Iki, but we did take a little look at Susukino site. At this area, various ice sculptures were displayed. We went there after sunset so they looked really beautiful under the lights.

Frozen aquarium?! Boy....I felt pity for those underwater animals! Though for Hiro they looked delicious :p

There was even an ice Karaoke room:

And bars!!! Wanted to try but changed our mind when we saw the price :p

This sculpture reminded me of Korea.....oh how I miss Korea!! :p

It was still snowing when we took train to airport, leaving Sapporo. I really love this city. Wish to come back again someday (^___^)


Vivi said...

waaahhhh...jadi kerasa dinginnn liatin fotone ... bagus banget yaa...hhhh ok, next time I visit my sister, have to see Sapporo too.

Eh, berapa derajat moet??

NoorIntan said...

Those photos look so cool and cold :p

It's like a fairy-tale land... Kapan ya aku main ke Japan...

imoet said...

wah ya serasa mlaku mlaku didalam freezer raksasa, vi! :))

ya fairy tale-land. anytime you come to Japan, mampir rumahku yaaa :))