Monday, March 03, 2008

Mysterious package

I was about to go out yesterday afternoon when the bell rang. A package for me. I didn't expect any package and the sender's name written on it didn't ring a bell to me. I opened it anyway, found a "ticket to a ride" game box inside. The question mark in my head got bigger. Though the game is in Japanese (from what was written on the box), I didn't know if anyone I know here played that game. My birthday was just a week away so I thought it might be another present. But...from who?! I sms-ed Hiro right away to ask if he sent me that mysterious package and he said that he didn't know anything about it. I was in a hurry for a date lunch so I tore off the sender's information and off to the station.

I met Hiro an hour later at Ikebukuro and showed the paper to him. It was supposed to be a romantic lunch but he got pretty disturbed because I opened an unknown package. The sender's name was "Matsumoto Kenichi", a guy name, and he interrogated me if I had a friend or a "friend" with that name. I could only insisted that I didn't have any friend or "FRIEND" (if you get what I mean) named Matsumoto Kenichi. In addition there are many crimes by sending packages in Japan nowadays so he was worried too.

Then he called that guy based on the information from the paper.
"This is Shierly Motulo's husband. She got a package from you. Who are you and why did you send that package to my wife?"
They had short conversation when suddenly he mentioned one name and Hiro asked me.
"Kusuma. Do you know Kusuma?"
I was like, "Ha? Kusuma?"
Hiro remembered something
"That girl in Germany. What was her complete name?"
"Weis? Yunita Weis?"
"No! The SMALL one!"
"Oh...Sheila? ARRGGHH Sheila Kusuma!!!"
Then Hiro talked to the guy on the phone back.

I didn't get it. What? What is the relationship between Sheila and that Matsumoto guy and that package?

Seemed that the little Kusuma girl ordered that game from and sent the package to me. And seemed that she didn't know proper Japanese to put her own name on the package in order :p

Calling her was the first thing I did when I reached home. I got answered by a machine instead (Hiro then yelled reminding me what time would it be in Germany at that time!) :p. This morning I read an sms from her. It was really from her, a birthday gift. Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!! This really is a mysterious gift hahahaha. Thank you for the big question mark you sent us along with that package too. This is really sweet. I could imagine how puzzled you were ordering a gift through a website using a language you are not familiar with. I'm so touched, Ms. Sheila Kusuma!!! *hugs hugs*


The Diva said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, now THAT was a story!!! I am glad you solved out the problem with whoever Kenichi it was, I didnt even know him.

To be honest, I went to, put in the name of the game and then click on the first thing shown on the search result!!!
I didnt know what I ordered, if it were old or new, I didnt even know the price, because I didnt know the exchange rate from Euro to Yen. (curious to know how much they'll charge me on my credit card)

I didnt know fucking NOTHING of whatever I sent to you, if it were a BOMB or a CONDOM I wouldnt have known either, I just thought it would be cool, it would be faster, and it would save a lot of shipping cost.

Haahahaha, sorry ya Hiro for the confusion.
Btw the stupid website!!! I wanted to put MY NAME on the gift, i also wanted it wrapped as a gift with a personal greeting(amazon Germany can do that!!! costing some extra euros but it will come as a nice present) but I didnt understand a shit on that page!!!!

So I thought, what the hell, I'll just send it out and we'll see... hahahaha. (It said something about 3/5/08, so I didnt expect it to come that soon, I was planning to mail you on the 5th march hahaha)

Anyway, enjoy ya... hope you like the game, if not, just return it to that guy, hahahahahahaha...

Btw whats with the mysterious package in Japan???? What kind of sick people send around mysterious gifts??????

The Diva said...

Oh btw, that game was awarded Best Game of the Year 2004, it was a big fat success in USA lhoooo!!!
(original version is in English, I have got the German version, now you have the Japanese version, ehehehe)
Let me know how you like it.

Carla said...

ehhehehehe funny! that was sweet of you, la. and very spontaneous! :D

NoorIntan said...

Hahaha!!!! That was very brave of you Ms Kesuma, being not understand a word of the language.. And all the confusion which causing Hiro to get a bit jealous, my goodness it's priceless! You should have put condoms in it, that would really cause a mayhem on Hiro's side.. Hehehehe.....