Sunday, March 16, 2008


We went to Asakusa -a distric name that offers traditional side of Tokyo- with my parents in law today. They wanted to show us their new bigger car. Unfortunately I got carsick because of the new car's smell, and drove Hiro mad because I forgot to bring my medicine (forgetting stuffs is in my blood! don't be surprised :p). So actually I lost my mood at the very beginning of the trip (_ _o)

It was lunch time when we arrived there so we browsed for this very famous restaurant named Komagata Dozeu. It serves "dojo" or Japanese loach, and we chose that restaurant because I haven't tried dojo in my life before. Dojo is like small version of unagi (eel) served in its whole shape.

We ordered two types of dojo. The first one coming was this nabe style (hotpot) one. Hiro said that lots of Japanese women could not eat dojo in this style because it came in a whole shape of dojo. They prefer to eat raw fish that these boiled poor dojo hahaha. It tasted soooo good thought and I really really loved it!!

Hiro also doesn't really like the nabe style dojo so he ordered this one. Dojo mixed with gobo (kind of roots) and eggs. The shape of dojo couldn't really be seen then.

There's also dojo Miso soup. I didn't take picture of it, unfortunately. It freaked me out because the dojo I ate was wet from the thick soup. I really felt like they were alive and I ate them directly from the mud. YUCK! God, I got goosebumps remembering that soup (>.<)!

Then we went to the most famous site in Asakusa area, Shenonji temple. I've been there alone in 2003, so this was my second time being there. Can you see the smokey point in front of the main temple? Japanese believe that the smoke could cure diseases so people tried to catch it to their sick part of the body. I put some smoke onto my stomach, hoping that all the fat there would go away hehehe

There were lots of small shops along the street to the main temple. From souvenir shops, snack shops, food stalls, to toy shops (so of course little Iki did some shopping there!). At the end of the row of those shops, there were hanging lanterns in front of the main gate. They must be beautiful at night!

This is the inside part of the temple where people pray. I haven't been to church for almost three years but I went to Japanese temple for three times already in less than 3 months! (two of which were in two weekends!)

There were also Japanese traditional children game stalls. Iki was interested but he was just way toooo small to play the game :)

I enjoyed this chocolate banana. It looked "good" and it tasted good (^_-)v

And this is me in front of the main gate of the temple :). Look at me.....I really need strict diet (T_T)


NoorIntan said...

You don't look like you need diet! You are fine!

Oh boy those food, I'm drooling. And I love banana and chocolate!!! Inget di Indo coklat-keju pinggir jalan? Yummy!

PS: I've tagged you for 'eight things'... When you have time :) (sorry if you've tagged with this one before :p)

The Diva said...



Hiks hiks... winter is almost gone and I cant wear any more T-shirts, I am bulging everywhere, huks huks.

Hehehe chocolate-covered banana... duh aku juga sukaaaa awalnya... but after three bites it got so so sweet that my teeth actually hurt and I couldnt stand the taste.

I guess I'm more of a Pringles-person than a choco-person, hahaha.

benova said...

I/ve tried banana coklato hmmm ketoke enak tp pisange krg manis, ngono nek di rupiahkan alamak 1 pisang ijir = 1 lirang klo di indo heheheheh.

kpn ya sakura muncul???