Friday, March 21, 2008

8 Things

Got tagged by Intan about this 8 things, so here we go (^_-^)v

8 Things that I am passionate about (now):
  • My family
  • Living together everywhere with my family :(
  • Friends
  • Food
  • Body shaping :p
  • Traveling and food
  • Cooking
  • Internet and computer
Eight books I have read recently (hmmm baru sadar gak pernah baca novel lagi....)
  • Japanese food, Orange page cooking book
  • VERY magazine (for spring fashion :p)
  • Picture dictionary
  • The Food of Asia
  • Who is hiding under the sea?
  • Orange page February edition: Tamago
  • Land of plenty, by Fuchsia Dunlop
  • Small Christmas books
8 Things I want to do before I die:
  • To watch Iki growing up, getting married and having children
  • To live together with my small family
  • To visit church again :p
  • To reach body weight 38 kgs
  • To swim properly
  • To learn skiing
  • To visit at least one country in each continent
  • To buy a house somewhere in South East Asia (preferably Bali) to spend our life after Hiro's retirement
8 Things I have learnt in these past years:
  • TRUST is very important
  • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
  • Sometimes "I'm sorry" is a difficult word. So I really respect someone who could put aside the pride, be responsible and say sorry
  • Patience is one most important thing I must have in raising a toddler
  • That money can ruin a friendship :( and also family ties
  • Positive thinking is healthy!!!!
  • Don't worry too much about everything, it's tiring!
  • That I'm no longer "Shierly". I'm just a wife and a mother now....
8 Things that attract me to my bestfriends:
Hmmmmmm I don't know too. Any of you, my bestfriends, could help me answering this?

8 Songs that I could listen to over and over again: (I MUST to)
  • Obento by Iki
  • Cicak cicak didinding by Iki
  • Ayaya-o-o by Iki
  • Move your head by Iki
  • I think those are songs I must listen to over and over again now. Don't listen to any other songs lately...
8 Things I say often:
  • IKI!!! (more to scream or shout :p)
  • No!
  • Mama is cooking!
  • Mama is busy!
  • Please play by yourself
  • Sit during eating!
  • Bite your food
  • Iki, pipis??
8 people I'm excited to tag:
  • Carla
  • Valens
  • Pre
  • Emmy
  • No more people to tag :p. Others already posted the same thing before


NoorIntan said...

But you ARE "Shierly", who happen to be a wife and a mother. They are complementary to "Shierly" :)

And please don't say just a wife and a mother because not everyone brave enough having those two attached to their status, nor be responsible enough in their roles as a wife and a mother... Be proud to your self, honey, because you are worth it :) (and it's not a Revlon ads! :p)

Pre-chan said...

rasae dulu jg ada PR darimu yg blum takerjain ya? :p