Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Toshogu Shrine

Ever since we moved to Japan, we always spend EVERY weekend with my parents' in laws. They can always find reasons to come here or to bring Iki home. I actually don't mind, and Iki loves spending time with them too. But somewhat then I got a bit tired and really wanted to spend at least one weekend only the three of us. Especially now that we MIGHT live separately for sometime due to Hiro's job (either for few months or few years!). That's why last weekend Hiro arranged this Nikko trip without them.

It took about 2 hours trip drive from Tokyo. At first we visited Toshogu Shrine, one of UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the biggest and most decorated temple in Japan, dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu. This is the main gate of the temple:

This is the pagoda at nearby the entrance gate:

There were three most famous carvings in that temple, but we only visited one. The three wise monkeys who hear, speak and see no evils.

This temple is amazingly gold decorated!

I especially adored this carving. Beautiful!

Besides sightseeing, many people also come for praying. They wrote their wishes on a piece of wood and hang it together. That way they believe that their wishes would come true.

Iki was excited to see those big stones inside the temple complex and intended to take one home hahaha. Hiro then explained him that taking home something that is not his stuffs is considered "stealing" :))

We didn't spend much time in this very famous site of Nikko. There were too much stairs!!! Either little Iki or Hiro (hugging Iki) might be black out climbing all those stairs :))


The Diva said...

Emang anak kecil ngerti konsep "Stealing"????

lagian cuma BATU, ya ampun mbok ya kalo lebih valuable gpp... biarin tho dibawa pulang wong cuma batu ini.

Kalo duit baru deh boleh ngomel. Atau kotak sumbangan di temples, hehehehe...

mamanya Rui said...

Jadi ingat pernah ke Nikko dan sempat singgah di kuil ini. Waktu itu aku lagi hamil Rui, dan maksa juga naik tangga sampai ke paling atas - dasar nekad. Hehe.

imoet said...

kan pendidikan harus dimulai sejak dini :))
lah itu coba lihat mukanya Iki di foto. seriusss ndengerin papa-chan!

mamanya rui,
hah?! hamil2 manjat tangga2 Toshogu? wadoh mbak, kalo aku udah melahirkan ditempat kali :))