Monday, March 17, 2008


I got sms this afternoon that Hiro will leave in less than a month.

I was numb.

But Hiro felt bad because he said I was so quiet this evening and thought that I was angry to him.
I am NOT!!! I am just numb.

What am I supposed to feel then? happy?

YAY!!! My husband is leaving in less than a month!!
YAY!!! I don't know where to live yet
YAY!!! My family will be separated
YAY!!! It'd be great to raise a toddler by myself
YAY!!! Iki won't see a father's figure for few years
YAY!!! I'll have no one to talk to at night for few years
YAY!!! I'm scared
YAY!!! I'm so waiting forward to it!

I thought tonight I would get warm hug and comforting words. I got harsh ones instead :(

Thank you!


Carla said...


sorry to hear that. hug.
hope you resolve it with hiro soon.

benova said...

ooh shier, sorry to hear this.

Aku akan merasa sama klo aku di posisi kamu jg.
But heiii, don't be upset. Let's Hiro see the condition there. Maybe there is a chance that all of you can still live together there. yes, there is a hope.

Be strong girl!hehehe.
Jgn smp ntar Hiro kerja mlh kepikiran trs. Ngomong sih gampang ya aku hehehe.

Nb: eehh klo mmg msh sbk or pusing mslh ini or apa, gpp kok ga maksa musti kamu main ke tmpku hehehee.

Intan said...

Oh girl, I don't know what to say. Very sorry to hear that...

I really hope there's a chance for you & Iki to come with him wherever his work is. Or maybe you could stay with your family whilst he's away?

I hope for the best for you and family, whatever the decision is.

*big hugs*

mamanya Rui said...

Gambarre!! Imoet.

a2pl3 said...


Be strong...

imoet said...

Thanks, girls...
We both were tensed :). Udah mesra lagi kok...tinggal sebentar masak marahan terus? hehehe

Vivi said...

Udah tau mau kemana moet?

hang in there!!