Saturday, March 15, 2008

White Day

March 14 is celebrated as White Day in Japan. It is when women get the return of the chocolates they gave the ones they love on Valentine's Day. As soon as Valentine's Day was over, all the stores in Japan would change their display for this White Day gifts. Usually men give sweets but nowadays other expensive gifts like jewelry or lingerie are also common. This explains why I didn't get anything from papa-chan on the Valentine's day (^_-)v.

I am not used to this White Day culture yet so I totally forgot about this today. That's why I was bit surprised when papa-chan brought home a box of chocolate for me, and some cheese cakes to celebrate this day. I actually didn't expect it and thought he would be too busy to remember this :p

Papa-chan's rare blueberry cheese cake tasted really good. The cheese simply melted in my mouth.

Iki took this Orange Cheese Cake. I think it's the best amongst others. It had perfect combination of orange's sweetness and thick cheesy taste. Oh I was so sure it contained liquor which made it even tastier. Iki loved it (>.<) and didn't allow me to have any bite hahaha (but my lovely papa-chan took some for me :p)

I had this baked cheese cake because this is what Iki allowed me to eat! It tasted really good though (^_^)

And this is what were inside the red box. Orange chocolate sticks. Boy, they were heaven!. Haven't finished all, of course. I'm sure those cakes and 4 chocolate sticks and Mabo Tofu and a big portion of rice with super spicy sambal for my dinner are enough to make me doubled my Tae Bo practice tomorrow (>.<)

Thank you Papa-chan. This is really sweet *hugs*


The Diva said...

Comment from me (cheese fan) : THE CHEESE LOOKS FANTASTIC!! I WANT ONE TOO.

Comment from M (choco-maniac):
"Mmmm, orange chocolate sticks! Enakkkk... mmm... mau juga, drooolll..."

imoet said...

Cheese fan,
And they TASTED fantastic :))

Choco maniac,
those orange sticks are enakkkkkk sekali loooh :p. tapi bikin gendut ya? :(