Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nikko is Nature

Nikko offers wide range of beautiful nature attractions. Actually it is best to be visited during autumn but Hiro said he might not go there during that time because there would be too many people and too many cars. But visiting Nikko in this winter satisfied me already. It's only two hours drive away from Tokyo but it showed us totally different view.

After visiting the famous Toshugu Shrine, we drove to Lake Chuzenji. We must pass the Irohazaka Winding road. This road 48 needlepoints curves uphill which made me almost throwing up (@_@).
This photo is taken at one panoramic point in the middle of the Irohazaka Winding Road. We could see a beautiful waterfall from there with Irohazaka winding road beside it. I bet this viewpoint is full of people with cameras in Autumn!!

We didn't make a stop at the Lake anyway, but continued our journey to Nikko National Park where our hotel is located. I felt good and relaxed playing with snow again.

I used to hate onsen but this time I loved it. I think it's because I went there alone. My mind and body got relaxed and my skin became very soft afterwards. I enjoyed being inside the very hot outdoor bath surrounded by thick snow. I really wished I could take photo, but those naked ladies will definitely kill me and police will catch me (seriously) if I dared bringing camera inside. The wet towel I put on the rock outside the pool turned into ice when I finished bathing!. Actually I wanted to get inside the onsen at night, after iki was asleep. I wanted to see the night sky with stars from the bath. But I was too "busy" that night with papa-chan hihihihi.
This is me after onsen.

Iki enjoyed this trip too. He happily played with the rented slide:

And trying to make snowman

I drew railway on the snow and Iki excitedly ran on it while shouting "uuuh uuuhhh"

Papa-chan claimed that he was a professional cross country ski player and showed it off

And of course Iki-chan also wanted to try

On the way home we passed this beautiful frozen lake

And visited a small waterfall. There's famous waterfall nearby Lake Chuzenji but there were too tourists coming that we didn't make a stop.

It was my first time getting on a car on this thick snowy road.

Look at those benches. I was tempted to lay down there actually hehehe

We were all happy. I love nature, and Nikko offers more than that.


The Diva said...

Heh!! Penting ya, informasi "busy with papa-chan"????? Hihihihi...
Hush! Bukan mainan anak-anak kan?

Btw I love the pictures!!! Itu benches kok keliatan empuk buangeddd bantal putihhhh, hehehe...
Bagus ya Mut, aku juga suka salju kalo banyak dan putih bersih gitu bisa buat mainan.

Kalo udah meleleh jelekkk jadi comberan lumpur hiyekkk...

imoet said...

yah sekedar memory aja biar nanti2 kalo baca2 gak lupa ngapain aja di Nikko hihihihi

yeah..salju bagus ya. cua kalo udah melted ya itu....selain kotor juga licin. aku MESTI jungkir balik :-l