Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring is here (^___^)

It's actually already getting much warmer this month, but I could really feel spring today as we walked around our neighborhood after Iki's swimming class. Small leaves are starting to appear, waking up from their long sleep during winter. Spring is an important season for Japanese because they believe that it is when everything is started. That's why schools and offices start their new term in April, the month when Spring starts (Indonesia starts the school term in July, and Europe in September -as far as I know).

We bought a small pot of imported tulips from Holland, and it brought pretty spring feeling in our home.

And really good fragrance too. This is the first time I know that tulips open all the petals during daytime, and close them again at night.

Also this small pot of cute bell-shaped flowers. No smell, but it is a nice view beside my PC.

These small white flowers were pretty. I found them in front of the playing ground inside our apartment complex

And these pink swirling flowers were inside a pot behind the kindergarten. They smelled really really good too!

Nearby was a tree full of these small pink flowers

And these are the most beautiful ones. Sakura!! They are fully bloomed today in Tokyo.

I found this long road full of Sakura trees nearby our apartment. We had little walk there with a friend and her son. Beautiful. Really beautiful. It was a nice walk with a nice friend. Too bad that today was her last day joining the baby swimming class since the boy turned three already and will start kindergarten next month. Here is Iki under the Sakura trees. Lately he always gives me that kind of smile during photo taking. Somewhat he feels that that smile is cool (?!)

Iki was in a good mood today *phew*. And I got good news from papa-chan. Today was my first perfect spring day (^_____^)


Sheila said...

HUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... I was laughing hard reading this post... you know why???

Karena kamu sama kayak aku!!
You love taking pictures of flowers, trees, plants... me too!!!
I have bunch of pics of them but I can never blog them because for me they are just "cute pink flowers", "small swirling pinkies", "bell-shaped flowers", "tulip-like flowers", "good-smelling flowers"
but NO NAMES come to mind!!! Hahahahahaha.

Kamu pasti nggak tau satu2 kan namanya???
Makanya aku paling seneng kalo jalan sama orang yang bisa kasih tunjuk aku "Look, Sheila, that's daisies!!! And that's Maiglockchen -- May bell flowers -- only grow in May!!!"
Ternyata kamu yo podho ae!!!

Eh eh eh good news apa??? jadi penasaran...
kapan isa taktelpon? Weekend sibuk sama papa chan ya?

Sheila said...

Tambahan lagi:
ternyata Sakura itu CHERRY TREES ya???
Aku baru tau!!! Hahahahahaha...

kemaren jalan2 ke Vienna, ada Cherry tree di pinggir jalan, aku bengok2 "Ada sakura di Austria!! Ada sakura di Austria!!!"

And my friends were all puzzled, bilang "Lho, di Jerman kan juga ada, itu cherry trees!"

Carla said...

That shows how observant you are, La.

Btw, I join the club: Flowers Lovers with a Little Ignorance on the Names.

imoet said...

yaaaa kita semua bisa bikin club suka moto bunga tapi gak tau namanya :))
and oh..i don't bother to ask people what's the name of the flower. pasti langsung lupa abis itu! :p

NoorIntan said...

Hihihi... Sama ya, aku yo hopeless sma nama2 bunga. Yang penting cantik, wangi dan/atau menarik :D

Aku baru tau ini lho, Mut, kalo tulips petalsnya buka-tutup setiap hari! :D