Saturday, June 16, 2007

A visit

I'd been very busy lately, cleaning up my house. Why? We got a visit. An important visit from the almighty parents in law hahaha.
Yeah, they're here now, sleeping soundlessly in the guest room.
Iki is very happy today to meet his grandparents. He totally forgot me. Spent the whole time playing with An-chan and Jin-chan. He even didn't want to sleep. He cried when I took him from his An-chan and brought him to bed. He finally fell asleep at 11 p.m. The latest ever haha

Since Iki is very happy to play with his grandparents, perhaps tomorrow I could have a date with papa-chan? watching movie would be great, but an hour drinking at a bar is more than OK (^__^)


NoorIntan said...

kesempatan seperti ini harus dipergunakan sebaik2nya, Moet!! :)

Sheila said...

Hahahahaha, GO USE YOUR CHANCE!!!!

as long as mommy in law is there to babysit, GOOOO grab yourself a hot date (I meant your hubby, bukan orang lain lho ya, hahahahaha)

yunita said...

Wahhh... senangnya The in laws dateng :D Yang rukun2 aja yah..hehehe :P