Thursday, June 14, 2007


I woke up in horror with Iki's voice spinning in my head this morning. Mamaaa...mamaaa.
I sat on my bed, and saw Iki standing on his bed. Oh how I felt relieved.

I got a nightmare.
I saw Iki on a bed. A white bed.
He's crying. Loudly. Sadly
Calling mama. Mamaaaa Mamaaa
Calling papa. Papaaa Papaaa
Screaming "itaiiiii, itaiiii*" with his swollen eyes
Trying to reach me. Asking for a hug.
He's crying, crying and crying
He's tied there, on that white bed. Couldn't move.

It's exactly the same view when he just got his operation done last december.

Argggghhhhh I can't see him in that condition anymore
I don't want to
I don't want him to go through it once more time

Yesterday evening Hiro told me: "I made a phone call to Iki's doctor, trying to change the check up time into late september instead of early one. And the doctor said that he wanted to talk a bit more to us since Iki's condition needs to be operated as soon as possible after September check up"

That statement freaked me out. Leading me into that nightmare.

I don't want to see him in that condition again....please, not again...


Carla said...

shier, i hope he doesn't have to get through that anymore. but the doc might be right. just in case anything worse could happen, let him do the check up.

Mee said...

shierly, Iki will be OK! da yo :)
shinpai shisuginaiyou ni!

NoorIntan said...

i don't know what to say.. all i know it is difficult to see our child go through surgeries or operations, or just to see them got sick...

hope that Iki is (and will be) okay, wish you all the best...

imoet said...

..........Thank you...............

Sheila said...

Mut mut, yang tabah ya Mut... everything for Iki's good kok... selama masih bisa ditanganin medical technology, kita cuma bisa berdoa dan lebih kuat... Iki's gonna be fine, he's a strong boy :-)