Sunday, August 29, 2004

sunny saturday in the netherlands!

really nice weather today!!!! so warm, the sun shone brightly, less wind. Really a perfect day for going out!!

After finishing some cleaning, I went to Amsterdam with Nina. Bought a nice boots!!!! hehehe i can't control myself on shoes. man!!!!

Mmmm bad irritated since now there's no bus to Heidelberg!! And the bus to Berlin is only night busses, so since I'll have business meeting until 31 August, I won't be able to visit Bal Lemak at Berlin...HUAAAAAA. Ella.....why would u have exam on 2 Sept?!?!?!
At the last minute I decided to buy bus to Mannheim, the closest city to Heidelberg. I'll arrange the rest later.

had dinner at Annerie's house at Schagen, and now I'm sitting on Baby's computer hehehe.

OAHHHMMMM....sleepy (_ _o)

night night.....

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