Sunday, August 01, 2004


I woke up with a big smile this morning. My alarm only needed to ring once to throw me to the real world. But I was happy, I didn't throw away my phone as usual hahaha...

I went to the office first, preparing some stuffs to be brought by my collagues for the listening test. Again "HE" almost ruined everything. Luckily by Nina's rough words, the test could be done successfully. Thanks to Nina!! *muaaach*

-Yosakoi Festival-
I came a bit late, so Kondo sensei was a bit irritating at
We went to PEMKOT together for the preparation at around 12 o'clock. But had to wait until 3:30!!!!!!!!! I almost lost my motivation to dance. I really hate to wait. I didn't bring my mobile phone with me, so I lost contact with my sad. I asked Pei to come at 2 o' perhaps she left already huks huks huks. I got really bored and sleepy until then I heard a familiar voice: IMUUTTT....!!!!

YAY YAY YAY!!! Vitria could get inside the PEMKOT area!!!! sooooo happy. I jumped here and there haha. I got back my spirit to dance hahaha. She came with Denny, her "bestfriend" from Makassar. Those two people were like softdrinks in the middle of Sahara desert for me.

At first I had to sit alone boring, but as Vitria came, I could show her the cute cute guys there hahahahaha. One thing that couldn't be shared with my friends from this Yosakoi team, we're fighting for the same target in this case *shy*.

I danced 15 times non-stop. Well, we didn't win the festival, but at least i got one of the medal given by Kochi govrnment to best 10 dancers in a group heheehe. I didn't even care that our team was lost. What a mean self-centered Shierly....!!!!! I wished I won't be as self-centered as one of my friend is hehehe (Imoet is knocking her desk three times).

-Perfect Dinner-
My tiring day was closed by this perfect dinner with Vitria, Denny, Pei, Hendry, Nina and Adnan. We went to IKI, got a room for 7, and spent almost the whole dinner exchanging stories. Denny is a nice companion too.....ehm ehm for Vitria hehe.

Imoet is closing her day with this wide smug smile

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