Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Massage me, please....*wink*

Quite a busy day!!
What else than this mvv stuffs of the students? the departure date is coming!!
As happens every year, still there are some students haven't got their mvv approved. Leaving me worries and bad dreams. Oh god...help help help....(ouw..feel shy since I don't pray lately).

Full of meeting and planning, and only God knows whether it would work as planned or not.

I think I'll catch cold! (AGAIN?!?!). Feel not good today, and miss my Hiro now. He's still busy so I haven't got any "yahoo hugs" from him.

Want to be massaged badly................

AWW!!!!!!! I forgot that I have to make some sentences in Japanese!!!!!!!! dammit...I have to be more discipline for this. TOMORROW....Promise deeeeh (^_^)v
(I didn't say "later" but "tomorrow" hehe)

Another homework for me beside this "job decision" thing.

-Imoet is wishing that there's Phoebe here to massage her-

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