Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Independence day

Indonesia Raya....merdeka..merdeka...hiduplah indonesia rayaaaaaaaa *imoet is singing*

This morning i saw those students just finished following the flag ceremony. My mind brought me back to my high school time. When every monday the flag ceremony was held. Kind of miss it though, hahaha...

It was my high school dream to be one of the PASKIBRA team -it is the team of the people whose task to raise the flag. Only a dream since they have this MINIMUM HEIGHT!! well, being cute means being minimalis *ting ting*. So everytime my class got its turn to hold the ceremony, I won't get any chance to troop in front of all the participants, raising the flag *hiks*. Had to be satisfied of being "UUD READER"

It's been 7 years now since I graduated from high school, and last time I joined flag ceremony was when I was in first year in uni -6 years ago. Just wondering now.....what do people about my age think about this independence day??
I can hardly remember the UUD now, can't even remember how many points it has!!! oh my god...I doubt my friends could remember it either. Back to our school time, this UUD was really an important matter to be remembered for PMP or PPKN subject. But now...when all of us got a job and earning our life, what is it for??

Yesterday Hiro asked about some Indonesian grammar.....I can't even explain him. Is this the sign that I'm losing my identity now???

Oh! I still can sing Indonesia Raya anyway (^_-)

Indonesia Rayaaa.....merdekaaaaa....merdekaaaaaaa

-Imoet is singing: merdekaaaa merdekaaaa-

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