Thursday, August 05, 2004

Feeling blue

-Another busy day-
Must face a lot of administrative works today, but apparently I enjoyed doing it more than facing those counselor teachers from high schools. The phone also didn't stop ringing, and guests was coming one by one. Three weeks to go, those parents are now panic and tend to ask a lot of questions, even some are silly. But I can understand their feeling. Son or daughter is going to go far far away from their hands....

-Angry again-
Angry again because of that "LATER" word. Tired of it. I was so emotional this afternoon, almost did silly thing. I want to repair our relationship, it's not healthy to work this way, but just have no idea how to change our both personality. I am the emotional one with sharp tongue, while the other one is the sensitife type but ignorance. Could we still form a good teamwork even if I continue working in this company??????

-Nyo is coming-
At last today Nyo will arrive back in Surabaya after several days got stucked in Jakarta. Poor her, she had her luggage left behind at China. But anyway, welcome back to Surabaya and all the intricks hahaha.

- Thursday wish -
I want to have a massage, I want to be able to give my boss a decision, I want to have stronger body -no tired, no masuk angin, I want to meet hiro, I want to go home and sleep while I still want to chat with hiro, I want to kiss my sister, I want to meet my mom, I want to hug my dad, I want to talk with my brother.........mmmmmmmmm I think I got HOMESICK (_ _o)

Where would be the best place if your body is not in its best condition?
My mom would prepare me good healthy food -not this masakan padang I just bought and eat-
My dad will sleep beside me and make sure that I'm fine -including making sure that I take those bitter medicine!
My brother will come with his fresh jokes to make me laugh, and end it with his strong massage.
My sister will cheer me up with comics or her daily hospital stories.........

I miss my mom's cook, my dad's warm hug, my brother's massage and my sister's jokes. Haaaaaaaa...but Here I am all alone in this city earning life (_ _o)

And I want my hiro too..........

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