Friday, August 13, 2004

back to surabaya


After 3 disaster days in Jakarta. I don't even know how to start writing about it. Sucks Sucks Sucks!!!!!!
Anyway, at last I sent email to my boss in Holland. She has to know what is going on in Surabaya. I'm sorry for my senior, since in that email I was kind of discrediting him....but this is the last thing I could do.

If we are all are matured enough...we should be able to separate friendship with business stuffs.
Maybe I wrote that letter in emotion, but I want everything to be cleared up. I don't like to grumble behind. It's not Shierly at all! was really an emotional letter....But as what Hiro said, it was sent already...just face it!

I know this one person. She is really a religious one. She goes to church EVERY morning, she prays to God to whatever she does, and she SAID that whatever in her life is God's will.
The thing is, she announces it to everybody. She is one of the most self-centered creature in the world I know that She stressed every thing on herself. She thinks that whatever other people doing is just to hurt her; that all people surrounding her are making tricky plans to ruin her life. but then I discover that the main problem she is worrying about, she is thinking about, she is fighting to, is about MONEY.
I am really confused. She said that her heart is as pure as cotton. But she is the only person I know whose negative thinking all the times towards other people.
She said she wants her daughter to be happy with the guy she loved, but she kept grumbling that the guy did something mistic to make the daughter fell in love. That the main reason is to ruin her family. HUH. It's because she thinks that there's RICHER guy likes the daughter.
She said that all she does is to help her sister and brother and nieces and nephews......Indeed she always mentions every single help she did to EVERY people she meets, even on the street.
She said that GOD helps her all the time, that the son could get into one best university in town. BUT she thanks GOD that the other people she knows could not pass the exam to that uni!!
She said that all her brothers and sisters were jealous to her that want to ruin her life. In fact she looks down on every family member, since she thinks that she is the most successful one in the family.
Is this what would happen of being TOO religious? She kept mentioning about GOD GOD GOD in every sentences she said......but her way of devoting herself sadly keeps me away from God!!!
I am tired listening to her. Same stories most of the time. Repeated again and again......ALL CRAPS IN THE NAME OF GOD
Oh God....who actually is the crap? ME of thinking this way, or HER of thinking that way?
Imoet is trying hard to get rid of mosquitos now

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