Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Kaze (_ _o)

Tiring and busy day. I had to wake up very early because I had to go to the office at 7:00. Hardly could open my eyes since I feel like catching cold since yesterday. Anyway, I had to dress nicely today for going to the Dutch Consulate, so I thought a light make up would make me look better.

What a surprise we (Nina and I) got at the Dutch Embassy. We had to meet the last person we want to meet in the earth, and neither does that person. But we are in Indonesia, so being nice and polite all the time is a MUST. I felt like putting a smiling mask in front of that person, while grumbling with Nina behind. I don't like being such kind of person!! It's just a norm that I have to respect, eventhough my heart was screaming disgustingly.

In spite of that, it's a nice busy day I had today. Got good news about additional mvv approval from Holland, happy with that. It was the first beautiful thing happened today that I hugged Nina to express my feeling hahaha.

Now sitting on in front my computer at my night office, between my responsibility of editing some works -which are so damn boring-, I felt that my body is worse. Wanna go home soon, but I still have more than 1 hour to go. Writing this blog is such a nice break!!!

Thanks to Pei for the medicine. Hope it would help!! \(^o^)/

ooh!! I'm so happy. Hiro read my previous posting in Japanese and made some grammatical correction. I thought I would make a lot of mistakes, since truthfully this was my first time writing a composition in Japanese. But Hiro said, it was nice for a beginner. YAY!! motivate me to write more. He's going to give me topic then hahaha (writing homework, huh?).

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