Monday, August 02, 2004

Thinking monday

I woke up in a very good mood this morning. Hope to have a nice working day so that I probably could close it with smiling again. I wore simple outfit for working but put on little make up to make me looked more fresh. As usual Ayik dropped me and then borrowed my bike. There I was...starting again my working life.

But my morning smile was gone as I saw my desk. All my CDs were spread all over it, really a mess. Somebody was looking for a CD without putting all of them back to their place. Got irritating, but I didn't want to ruin my day, so I just let it that way and doing my morning tasks.

-I do hate the habit of just saying "LATER"-
A lot of people said that this is typical character of Indonesian. Several times I had arguments that not all Indonesian have that tendencies, that people just tend to give Indonesian negative prejudice, that bla bla bla...but gosh! now I have this real example of it. I have to admit what those foreigners think, and deal with this irritating fact.

And today I had to waste my energy again quarelling with that person, because of that habit "later, later, later". He just like to say it, without really intends to do the tasks. Fed up now...I feel like it would be really difficult to be in a same team work with this person *sigh*.

-How to separate friend and business?!-
*sigh sigh*
I wish I could.........................................

tit tit...tit tit....(that's my phone's sound!!)
"Hi Shierly, till when will u stay?. groet, H"
I freezed reading that. ouw....not ready yet with an answer.
This job gives me more salary, but not mentally healthy for me, in addition, I lost my motivation and interest.
Again I have to end up with two difficult or peace.
I need money, not being hypocrate about it. My brother and sister's education depend on me; meanwhile me myself also want to enjoy my life by spending every rupiah I earn.
But I also need a peace. I can't find it in my present job now. or......I just don't feel satisfied with what I have now???
Hiro was right...I have to think how to solve this. This is my life, and I am the only one who can make it meaningful. In the future probably more problems and choices will pop up, have to be ready and get used to it.
*my forehead is full of wrinkled now -sign of thinking-*

- Nice Ending -
What would be the best thing in my day except that I could have some time to chat with Hiro?
Everyday we chat, and everyday I feel so happy. All the bad feeling caused by any problems at work will dissapear. This is what people call "love" hahaha *shy*

Pei looked so sick today, but still she joined me and Valens having ice cream at swensens.

-Imoet is going to sleep with full stomach tonight-

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