Monday, August 02, 2004

Relaxing sunday

- New Spirit to Learn Japanese-
I had my Japanese lesson this morning. I could start to catch up, but still my weakness is because I don't use this language in my daily life. I asked Hiro several times ago to talk in Japanese with me so that I could have some practice, but he said that he wants to practice his English. A Kotowaza: Language can be learnt best from the lips of the lover, won't work for me (T_T).
So promised to myself, that start from tomorrow: to make a paragraph of minimally 5 sentences in Japanese!!! Come on Shierly...GANBATTE NE!!!

-Shopping with terrible stomache-
Just before I went to TP with Pei, Hendry n 'Lun, I had lunch prepared by our maid. A damn hot salty vegetable. We like it very much, but our appraisal to the maid made her even more crazy to make "special HOT" meal. Oishii in my mouth, but killing my stomach.
Then in TP, I felt the risk of taking this super hot stuff. I shopped some stuffs, but I really couldn't enjoy it. After I got all my needs bought, Pei suggested us to have some cold drinks to cooler the intestines. Feel a bit guilty to 'Lun...he couldn't get what he wants since we're running out of time too.
Anyway I was happy....I got this nice white shoes and some discounted bras (^_^)v

Got a gift from Valens!!! a white lady bag......happy

-Parijs van Java-
I spent my evening to finish reading this book. I couldn't stop it until I felt my stomach cried for some food. Ayik accompanied me for Soto Banjar...yummy...and then I got drown again by Remy Sylado's words. It brought me to the time when the Dutch was still colonializing our country, and put my heart at Gerry's feeling. Really a great book.
So far I finished reading 2 of Remy Sylado's novels: Kembang Jepun and Parijs van Java. Last year Nyo and I gave pei a complete series of this writer's pieces. Gonna borrow the other titles soon!!!!! *wink to Pei*

-Imoet closed her day with happy feeling, and imagining big kiss for her far far away sweetheart-

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