Saturday, September 25, 2004

Girl? or Boy?

If God allowed you to have only one kid, but you could choose to have baby boy or baby girl......what comes into your mind?

Since I'm responsible to my company's financial stuffs, money matter came to my mind first. Which kid will cost me more? (^_^)

Definitely then I want a baby boy!!

Why not girl?
Even since a baby, I want my baby looks nice. I'll have to buy her nice cute cloths with the accessories, like stuffs to be put at her hair and nice bracelet.
Along with her growing up, she will need more and more. My girl will ask me to buy her purple shoes and hair clip, only because she purple dress for instance. Well, can you imagine If she want complete collections for all color???
When she's a teenager then she will ask me to pay for her diet program (if she's fat), or any program to make her taller (if she's small), and also for her facial and body treatment. Plus her shopping hobby.
When she wants to get marry, her wedding preparation also will cost me a lot. Mininally she will need facial, lulur, professional make up and unforgetable wedding dress.......$$$$$$$

Well well well.....Any of you can change my mind of not having baby girl?

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