Wednesday, December 29, 2004

To all my friends.....

Dear all my friends from all over the world...

First of all I'd like to wish you all a warm Christmas and a promising new year. Wished the best is all you achieved throughout this year, and the better would come for the coming year.

As you may have known, on last Sunday morning , 26 December 2004, a monstrous and unimaginably giant disaster has struck mercilessly province of Aceh and Northern Sumatra, Indonesia . Tens of thousands people were picked up by death just after they woke up from a good sleep, and other tens of thousands must face the deep incurable pain loosing beloved ones. The number casualties in Aceh itself is predicted to reach 60.000.

The disaster really was too much beyond every sane person’s comprehension. What I can not understand is : What have these people done so wrong so that they had to be ended so indecently and inhumanly. One happy family on Sunday morning has ended up by being scattered tens of kilometers away from each other : body of the father was dragged by the water to the ocean. The body of the mother has lifted upward by the wave to the coconut three, 50 kilometers away from home. The body of the son is found squeezed under a heavy truck 25 kilometer away from the mother. The body of the daughter is found on the bank of the river 30 kilometers away from her brother. What kind of tears can represent this picture ?

The long lists of the victims alone are reported from big cities, including Banda Aceh, the capital of Aceh province. In Banda Aceh itself, around 7000 lives have been taken mercilessly. There are still thousands of people., mostly poor fishermen and farmers, living along the coastline facing directly to the center of tsunami, and still unreported. The survivors from villages, which have been wiped out massively by the tsunami, have fled by walking tens of kilometers on barefoot to Banda Aceh to search for help, but what they see in Banda Aceh is as painful and harrowing as their home villages.

These survivors are dreadfully starving, exhausted , shocked, traumatized, physically and mentally destructed. They need help to stay alive.

I don't know whether this is the right thing or not, but I want to try gathering charity from all of you, wherever you are now. I think from every little penny we could gather, we can at least give them more chance to face another day.

If you do want to help, you could transfer the donation to me. Any penny means a lot for them. I will wait until early next week, and then send the money to Aceh via Metro TV (Indonesian television station who is gathering charity now). Or buy the needed aids such as: Tents, Kitchen tools, medicine, baby foods, goods for women, clothes, and blankets; to be collected at HKY Catholic Church Surabaya - Indonesia (to be sent together to Aceh)

Please let me know if you are in, and for sure I will make a clear financial overview to be sent to all of you.

Let's do this little thing for the sake of human being.......Please support me to support them.

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