Saturday, December 25, 2004


I woke up quite late this morning and saw my mobile phone. 22 new messages!!!! Surprisingly I wondered….who the hell sent me sms that much? What happened?? But…HO HO HO…..all are Christmas greetings!!! By the time I realized…it’s Christmas!!!!!

First time in my 24 years living, no visit to Church on Christmas. This year I feel so ashamed to go to church L I’m little imoet with tons of sins =(

I spent my morning in my imagination, my safe world; and flashed back the memories of my life through printed photographs I found in my cupboard. Sometimes I smiled remembering the spots I almost forget, but most of all I realized: I’ve been through so many things. People come and go in my life. Each one has different bite in my heart, but they are all important. I don’t regret what I’ve been doing in my life, even though for some people I’m not a good person.

Then it’s not a lonely Christmas anymore. I took my mobile and started replying sms and send all other friends the greeting, and called my family just to let them know that I miss them a lot.

I could reach my sister’s mobile. Apparently my whole family was gathering at my grandpa’s house. I do miss the time and the place. There Christmas is the most important event of the year. I talked to my mom, my dad, my naughty bro, oma, and opa, and sent my regards to everybody there. They were preparing lunch party at that time, and I could hear the noisy sound of the business there. My sister said that the uncles are chasing the dog to be killed hahahaha……

I miss Christmas at Manado, my hometown. I miss the party with pig, dog, bat and white mice as the main menu. I miss playing cards with my cousins while drinking until all of us got drunk. And most of all I miss the small church there where I once dedicated myself as a good Catholic…loooooong long time ago.

Ehm…..I think I’ll go to church this evening (^_^)

Merry Christmas ~~~~~

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