Monday, December 20, 2004

2004 in Review

Lost something important and started my big dissapointment. Meanwhile was very busy with HEF preparation and recruitment session. Big boss was in town.

My birthday. Dinner with my friends and Kazuki visited from Japan. Went to Bromo afterwards.
Busy with recruitment session. Got a nice birthday cake from Hanny ;-)

meeting deadlines, presentations and tests. Drown into my works

recruitment session. The busiest time ever!!!
Annerie went back to Holland (_ _!)

Hiro visited me. Took holiday for about a week to be spent with him. Tapi mbenceknooo........sempat pedot sangking sebelnya aku.

masuk rumah sakit. Enrollment and payment deadlines for my students. Busy with phone calls, overview, and arrangements.

Making a new project: Listening test for high school students. Starting visa applications for students. Dutch Embassy is so difficult to handle :( there's one beautiful lady with sharp tongue there (_ _!)

Stressed with works and my own visa application to India. Facing some farewells: Mia, Adnan, Vitria...(_ _!)
Went to Holland...mmm last official visit? Had a great time shopping at Kalverstraat with Nina; and can eat shoarma - my favourite food - again hehe.

Visited Yun, Mark and Brian at Heidelberg. So happy to meet the family again!!
Sorry to Ella since I didn't have enough time to visit her in Berlin ;-)
Hurray....I went to India as well!! after long exhausted journey I met Hiro at that country. Spent time at Delhi, Agra and Calcutta (for Japan vs India football match). Got exciting experience being in the middle of Japanese supporters.

Farewell with Nina. Spent almost every weekend with her: shopping, creambath, gossiping, and one exhausted clubbing.
Making some working arrangements. Really not in a good mood for working.

Introduced to a nice new friend by Yahoo. Went to Singapore and spent two nights with Hiro. Sabaaar....sabaaar.....bulan ini mbencekno puol pokoknya.

Bosses are in town. Busy with recruitment and working arrangement. But at last we came up with pretty nice solutions.
Made new arrangement with Hiro as well. Tapi tauk ah glappp....males mikir!
Tapi bulan ini aku terperangah ngeliat rumput ;-)
Hmmm.......and until today......have no idea how to spend Christmas and New Year. SUCKS!!!!

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