Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Empty Christmas?

Christmas decorations can already be seen at every shopping malls I stepped in recently.
Christmas songs are everywhere on the radio, malls, even in my offices.
Christmas plannings are discussed, christmas gift huntings are started.
Happy faces are there welcoming the day.

But not for me anymore (_ _o)....

Years ago,
I used to have such happy feeling towards Christmas.
I used to decorate my place enthusiastically for Christmas.
I used to buy gifts and send cards to share Christmas.
I used to wait forward to go to the church to celebrate Christmas.
I used to think that it is to be spent either with family, boyfriend, or friends.

But not anymore (_ _o)....

It's just empty feeling left this year. Christmas would just be another same day in the year.
No intention to buy Christmas gifts or cards.
No intention to listen to Christmas songs.
Feel blank listening to my friends' planning for spending the day.
Even questioning myself if I should go to the church or not.

Am I losing my belief?
Or am I actually just get stucked lonely in this big city?
Will Christmas this year be as empty as my feeling now?

*imoet is jutek*

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