Wednesday, December 01, 2004

[Confuse mode: ON]

Here I am the end of the road that I have to decide things for my future.
What to do? what to do? What to do? oh my God...
This afternoon my boss was mad at me (_ _o). Feel so bad about this. But what can I explain her? I don't even have the plan for myself......
Several possibilities come, but not yet from the one I'm expecting the most (_ _o)
Should I stay with this burden in my heart that I couldn't enjoy my life but for the sake of the money?
or should I commit to my other job -with much less money- but better flexibility?
Duh...most of all I'm waiting for the important arrangement which is not coming yet - or won't.............??
or should I continue my life without considering what I want the most?

*imoet is screaming inside*

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