Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Today by accident I listened to a song titled "Andaikan" by Yana Yulio from my playlist suffle.
My mind was thrown to my high school time, when I couldn't tell my first love what I felt.
He sat right in front of me when Yana Yulio sang that song at my school concert, while I was hoping he could understand that Yana Yulio cried my heart out at that time.

But I did tell him my feeling, one year after I moved out from my city. When it was too late already for a relationship, tapi yang jelas dia punya tempat khusus dihatiku. Jauuuuuuh di lubuk hati, ditempat yang terkunci tapi masih sering kuintip :p

Kangen deh ama kamu, Vik ;-) hehehe

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